Johnson v. Matheison, et al – $1,500,000 historic record settlement in a severe burn injury case against a teacher and a principal with an immunity defense. (Douglas County Superior Court, 2016)

L-R Douglas Chanco, Joseph R. Neal Jr., David Olson and Joshua Schiffer. Photo by John Disney/Daily Report. A young woman who was badly burned when a chemistry experiment went awry at a Douglas County high school has settled her claims against a teacher and school principal for $1.5 million. Olivia Johnson was an 18-year-old senior at Chapel Hill High School when a teacher demonstrating how various chemicals display different colors when exposed to flame suddenly poured methanol, or wood alcohol, into a container the teenager had just lit. Johnson was engulfed in flames, suffering suffered severe burns all over her upper body, for which she receives ongoing treatment. Click here to see the Full Article.

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