Wrongful Death

Joseph R. Neal, Jr. is a wrongful death lawyer in Atlanta, GA with over two decades of experience concentrating in the trial and litigation of tragic and often complex cases involving wrongful death to children and adults, seeking maximum compensation for the surviving family members or spouses of the innocent victim. Wrongful death cases the Neal Law firm has successfully prosecuted in Georgia involve a wide variety of situations, including car wrecks, medical malpractice, trucking accidents, motorcycle crashes, burn injury as result of hazards relating to fire, electricity, and gas, shootings, adverse drug reactions, dangerous products, road defects, and drunk driving wrecks.

Mr. Neal served as lead counsel on a double fatality trailer fire case for four years and recovered over $4,000,000 from three defendants and won a significant decision in the Georgia Court of Appeals and Georgia Supreme Court beating the City of Augusta on a sovereign immunity defense. Vann v. Finley, 313 Ga. App. 153 (2011), cert. denied S12C0667.

The Wrongful Death statutes in Georgia allow the families and spouses of those wrongfully killed to be compensated for both economic and non-economic damages, including lost future earning capacity, medical bills, funeral bills, and the full value of a person’s life (from the decedent’s perspective in Georgia).

Evidence gathering is always critical in wrongful death cases. Death certificates and autopsy reports are critical but oftentimes represent just the tip of the evidentiary iceberg. The sooner Mr. Neal is hired, the quicker he can put his financial resources to work for the client and begin his wrongful death investigation. As in personal injury cases, Mr. Neal works on a contingency fee basis and does not charge the client a fee in wrongful death cases unless and until he obtains a fair and agreeable monetary settlement or a jury verdict for the client.

Mr. Neal understands that the cause of death must be reasonably connected to the negligence, recklessness, or intentional conduct of the at-fault party for a wrongful death case to be successful, so all facets of his investigation take this into account. Mr. Neal has over two decades of experience in prosecuting wrongful death cases, in both the criminal and civil arenas, which gives him a unique and advantageous perspective to put to work for the survivors.

Choosing the right Wrongful Death Lawyer

Wrongful death cases are very emotional and traumatic events for the survivors. It helps to have an experienced and compassionate trial lawyer such as Joseph R. Neal, Jr. on the client’s side who is a committed father and family man to understand the value of the human loss suffered, and to use that human understanding to obtain maximum compensation for the loss suffered by the survivors. It helps to have a lawyer who knows that the true value of a person’s life is often not reflected in the money a person makes, but rather in the relationships the person has with God, his spouse, his children, his family, his friends, and his co-workers. In his quest for justice for the survivors of those wrongfully killed, Mr. Neal effectively “climbs into the hide” of the victim, absorbing himself into the life and times of the victim and their families and makes justice for the victims and the survivors of a wrongful death case his mission in life. Mr. Neal has learned valuable life lessons in the wrongful death arena, has become closer to God through his work, and has obtained a divine understanding that people do not die when their physical bodies pass, rather their spirits live on through the survivors who love them. In this regard, Mr. Neal finds wrongful death cases among the most rewarding and meaningful of all of his work and he strives to honor and respect the life of the victim through first class legal representation.

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