Brain Injuries

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), traumatic brain injury, also called acquired brain injury or simply head injury, occurs when a sudden trauma causes damage to the brain. The NINDS goes on to say that brain injury can result when the head suddenly hits an object, or when an object pierces the skull and enters brain tissue. Trauma centers in and around Atlanta, Georgia see these types of injuries all the time.

Of all possible injuries, a brain injury is perhaps the most devastating a person can suffer. That is because brain injuries, when moderate or severe, completely change or alter the person who once was. It is a fact that victims of brain injuries frequently lose their sense of identity, suffer personal relationship losses, divorces, and loss of capacity for employment. The victim of a brain injury often has lost his life and entered a cruel and unusual realm of anonymous existence. The value of life is truly lost for brain injury victims who do not have passionate legal, medical, and social advocates to help them achieve monetary recovery for their injuries, physical rehabilitation for their injuries, and speech and occupational therapy for their lost cognitive functions.

Joseph Neal Jr. Is an Experienced Brain Injury Lawyer

Joe Neal, Jr., an Atlanta, Georgia personal injury lawyer, recently represented an illiterate, mildly-retarded, brain injury victim, and helped him every step of the way. Not only did Mr. Neal help him through the legal case to recover money for his permanent injuries, he also coordinated doctor visits and showed up at the hospital in person to make sure the doctors took care to treat and diagnose his client, who was unable to handle these matters himself. Mr. Neal developed personal relationships with his client’s doctors, and was essential to getting his brain injured client into Walton Rehabilitation Hospital, a respected and accredited rehabilitation facility in Augusta, Georgia that treats traumatic brain injury patients.

Mr. Neal was there every step of the way to helping his brain injured client get approved for social security disability and medicare for his future medical care. Mr. Neal was there, in person, at his client’s house and in his community, dozens of times over the course of one year to build relationships with his client’s family, friends, neighbors, and former employer to build a network of social support for his brain injured client.

Brain injury victims, whether in Atlanta or anywhere in Georgia, need committed and dedicated counsel who deeply care about the person who was injured, not just the client who has a case. Mr. Neal’s life has been enhanced by coming to know, love, and care for his client who suffered a traumatic brain injury. While helping through the legal and administrative red tape in Atlanta, Georgia, the case brought deep meaning to Mr. Neal and strengthened his commitment to seeking justice for those who have suffered perhaps the most devastating injury a person could suffer, a life-altering brain injury.

Regardless of your location, Atlanta, or anywhere in the entire state of Georgia, Mr. Neal helps victims of severe head trauma and brain injury. As an experienced brain injury law firm in Atlanta, Georgia, the Neal Law Office has successfully represented victims of brain injuries in Georgia since 1996.

If you are in Georgiaand personally suffered a brain injury or know someone who has as a direct result of another’s negligence or misconduct, contact us now to find out about victims’ rights in brain injury cases.

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