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A large truck wreck or tractor-trailer accident can be devastating and what to do next can be confusing. Certainly, tractor-trailer wrecks are among the most harrowing ordeals a driver faces on the road. The Neal Law Office has achieved excellent results handling lawsuits for accident victims who have been seriously injured or killed in accidents involving large trucks or tractor trailers in Georgia.

Anytime you are on a highway, you are surrounded by more and more tractor-trailer trucks. A wreck with one of these tractor-trailer trucks can be devastating. Not only will a tractor-trailer truck do immense damage to a car, the risk of catastrophic injury or death is immense. There are strict federal motor carrier safety rules governing trucking companies and their drivers regarding how much weight they can carry, how many straight hours the truck drivers are allowed to drive in a day, what kinds of safety inspections the tractor-trailers must pass, the driver’s logs they must maintain, and so on. However, in spite of these rules, large trucking companies and tractor-trailer corporations cut corners and put company profits above your safety.

In a nutshell, driving a tractor-trailer is about money. The faster that tractor-trailer gets to its destination, the more money goes into the pockets of the drivers and trucking company or the tractor-trailer corporation. That means 80,000-pound tractor trailers or large trucks and their drivers are pushed to the limits, sometimes with terrifying results due to fatigued or reckless drivers.

The Neal Law Office knows how to handle dangerous tractor-trailer accident cases and the trucking companies and drivers that cause them. In 2006, the Neal Law Office was hired by an innocent bicyclist who was violently struck by an 80,000 pound tractor-trailer driving 60 mph in Edgefield County, South Carolina. Mr. Neal immediately filed suit in response to the tractor-trailer company’s efforts to tamper with evidence at the scene of the tractor-trailer wreck. Eleven months later, Mr. Neal successfully tried this trucking accident case before a Federal Court Jury in Anderson, South Carolina and obtained a three million dollar ($3,000,000) verdict against the tractor-trailer company, including $2,000,000 in compensatory damages for the injured bicyclist, and $1,000,000 in punitive damages against the tractor-trailer company for reckless driving and tampering with evidence and witnesses in the aftermath of the truck accident.

What to do when you are involved in a large truck accident or tractor-trailer accident:

  • Get the names of all persons involved with the trucking accident
  • Get the names and contact information of any witnesses who saw the trucking accident
  • Get the names of police officers at the scene
  • Take pictures of any vehicular damage, bodily injuries, and the surrounding area
  • Gather all your information together and contact the Neal Law Office, which has achieved proven courtroom success with truck and tractor-trailer accidents.
  • The Neal Law Office knows the federal trucking law and the state rules of the road and will not stop until perpetrators of negligent and reckless tractor-trailer accidents are brought to justice.
  • Contact us now to find out more about your rights.

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