From Joan Howard

From Joan Howard

To say “Thank you” seems quite inadequate. This was certainly a generous gesture on your part. I know this is true because I am aware of some “high end” cases you have prosecuted and won. It would have been so easy for you to reject Rhonda’s request for, shall I say, “charity.”

Rhonda has suffered so much physical and emotional pain over the past 2 1/2 years, and that includes the entire family. At last, thanks to you, she has closure.

The only disappointment was the amount of the financial settlement. This disappointment is not for Rhonda, it is for you. You worked so hard for her. I am blessed to have met you and see you perform in the court room. You did a superb job, and your closing statements were heart wrenching. Your research, knowledge, and decorum could not have been better. You gave it your all, and it showed.

Even a loss would have been a victory for us because your performance could not have been surpassed and the truth was able to be heard. I shall always remember your professional experties and kind demeanor.

I am sending you a picture of Katherine, Rhonda’s baby, as you have never seen her. Please share with Chris my appreciation for his many contributions.

I wish you continued success in your careet and happiness in your personal life. Best wishes and God speed.


Joan Howard

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